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Dear All
I apologize of this topic has been dealt with in the past (though I did do 
a search)
My institution is considering audio commentaries of exhibits, no doubt a 
well worn path.

Does anyone know of a cheap larger non-purpose built mp3 player with simple 
buttons and few options to confuse the user.

Ideally it should display a numbered playlist, play one track on command 
and fall back to the playlist.  Other than select/play/pause/stop and 
volume no other functions are needed.

I know some institutions use either purpose built units, or have custom 
programming for pda's, however both are outside our price range.

Looking in the local shops produces a maze of differing products, all 
seemingly for the technologically adept user and with far too many other 
features. Also these products change so fast that by the time one were to 
be purchased and tested it is superceded and no longer available.

Any advice would be welcome


Mark Davis
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
2 Wellington St Launceston Tasmania Australia 7250
Ph 061 3 63233753 Fax 061 3 63233776