Hello, Kevin,

There are two things to consider:
(1) Does 44.1/16 represent any quality loss from the original? Since 
you say they are spoken word recordings, I would suggest that if 
there is any, it is slight.
(2) Has your tape playback quality increased dramatically over ten 
years (i.e., were these tapes played on a Wollensak and you now have a Studer)?

If you don't think you'd get any meaningful quality improvement by 
investing in 500 hours of re-transfer (while other material then 
waits), I would go the EAC route. Give the discs to a good clerical 
person, train them in the use of EAC, save the log files and you 
review them (note that errors can be caused at track transitions for 
some reason w/o ultimately affecting the quality of transfer). I 
would suspect that in 100 hours of clerical time and less than 500 
minutes of your time it would be done.



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>         Ten years ago, the organization I am with was reformatting 
> to 1/4" analog as preservation master and CD-DA for security backup 
> and access.  Now, I have a question.  We need to either recopy the 
> stuff already done to 1/4" while the originals are still 
> viable  (about 500 hours of material).  Or, we can extract to .wav 
> from the discs.  Since the discs were done as security backups 
> their quality was checked with a Clover Systems analyzer which 
> means we have documentation demonstrating their superior 
> quality.  Aside from their being 16 / 44.1k what does everyone 
> think of such a scenario? Obviously the reason we want to do this 
> is cost.  I would use Exact Audio Copy to assure error-free 
> extractions.  These are spoken word recordings.
>         Thank you.
>         Kevin Irelan

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