On 07/04/07, Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:

> The 1954 one is one of the first three records RCA made for commercial
> release.The Lp (LSC-1817),came out four years later.It is one of the
> legendary Living Stereos.Before it was reissued by Classic Records in
> the late 90s,it sold for as high as $850.00-$900.00.Now it runs about
> $350.00.(I bought mine at a Sallie Army.)It was also issued on a
> stereo reel tape,in 1956.There are some very good transfers of 78s on
> Camden.I own most of them,which I bought in a single group for twenty
> bucks.I do not have the "Gaite",but most of the Camdens are 78
> transfers.I would assume it is the '47,but I think there is an earlier
> "Gaite", by Fiedler,that dates from the late 30s,but I may be
> mistaken.I have not seen a complete discography of Fiedler,like I have
> for Koussevitsky,or Munch.(This would go back to 1933 or '34.)

The current SACD reissue is from June 18 1954.

It is 2-track stereo (with some depth!).

(Naxos have an interesting CD of this music conducted by the arranger,
Manuel Rosenthal. Recorded in 1996.)

Don Cox
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