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>> It is true that if you get the angle of view right, and shut one eye,
>> a flat perspective image can look surprisingly real.
> Like the effect of echoes on our location of sound sources...our
> brains use a number of qualities of the images we see to establish
> what we think of as "3-D!" This is why computer video images can be
> branded as "3D" spite of the fact they are viewed as single
> images on a single screen. This is also why we draw using
> "perspective" and also use shadows as well as the relative position
> (what is "in front" of what and thus blocks part of the image of the
> second item).
> Keep in mind that all of those ideas were first presented by painters
> (Dutch, IIRC) in the 16th century...and paintings all of a sudden
> looked very much more "realistic!"

One-point perspective was invented in Florence in the early 15th C.

The Van Eycks added accurate rendering of textures, shadows, etc. The
"Arnolfini Marriage" is cutting-edge image technology for 1434.

Don Cox
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