At 09:31 AM 2007-04-03, Steve Ramm wrote:
>I know we have the experts here so I'll hope for replies.
>I saw this software advertised in Goldmine and went to their site. Though I
>am not really interested in transferring all my vinyl or 78s to Mp3s or CD -
>my  stereo equipment is in a separate room from my PC - I do have a 
>large group
>of  cassettes - mostly radio shows which I;d like to record as separate
>indexed  tracks (and even some Reel to Reels). The cassettes should 
>be easiest as I
>can  use a boom box to play them into the PC. (I haven't figured out yet
>where the  INPUT jack goes into my PC. I'm A PC nerd when it comes 
>to the physical
>  technologies).


For overall cleanup and burning CDs, the best package I've found is 
the consumer "Audio Cleaning Lab" from Magix in Germany. It's about 
$30-40 US. I am amazed at how much of the high-end stuff that is in 
Samplitude and the Algorithmix plug-ins exists in ACL.

It's available as a download version or a box version.

If you're going to do the transfer, get as good a cassette recorder 
as you can, keep it clean, and hook it up to a reasonable sound card. 
There are some under-$100 USB "sound cards" that might be acceptable, 
certainly better than what comes on most PCs and especially better 
than what is on some laptops.



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