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> On 26 apr 2007, at 04.23, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
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> > 2: E-address of another person thinking of the same sort of thing
> > (as "Project Gramophone"...)
> > Jon Noring <[log in to unmask]>
> Thank you. I have sent him a mail.
> > Later on, I can send you a VERY partial database comprising about
> > 20,000 of my own half-vast shellac archive (labels & catalog numbers
> > only so far...)
> Thanks. Or, of course, if the system is as good as I want it to be,  
> you might be wishing to input the data so others can build upon it.   
> The idea is that, for example, user X might have part of the  
> information and user Y might have access to archive to add "taken off  
> market on X" and that way we build and build on the quality information.
> But first I have to get something working !!
Actually, firstest (is that a word?) you have to decide exactly what data
you wish to collect...that is, design your data tables (fields: names,
sizes, formats, usw...) so that phonorecords are adequately (as you
see it) documented!

THEN, you can start developing a database front-end application intended
to collect the selected data! Folks can't "fill in the blanks" until
they are told WHICH blanks to fill in (and with what...!).

You can go all the way from my VERY basic "wotinell do I have really?"
data table, which lists label, number and a few the Abrams
Files, which are a set of 160-byte text-based data an
elaborate affair like my personal Access-based catalog database...!

And, of course, what also logically would need to be inputted would
be the content of as many discographic works (either print/paper
based or digital) as possible...if only to avoid reinventing a
half-vast number of "wheels!"

One hopes you are...or know...a 100+ WPM typist...

Steven C. Barr