Hi Rod:

This is a good Plan B for sure. But I already recorded the video to a DVD, so I just want to "rip" 
the DVD onto my hard drive and then convert to iPod video with Quicktime.

Just out of curiosity -- why aren't there a gizillion pieces of software to do this? Is it all 
because of Hollywood user-hostile copy restrictions? Are those restrictions placed on a DVD I record 
in my JVC machine? If so, is there a way I can turn them off? Sorry, showing glaring ignorance about 
the DVD format. I usually work in audio only.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Hi All:
>> Is there any relatively easy way to get DVD video onto my iPod? This isn't even a Hollywood 
>> movie, it's a dub of a U-Matic tape that I made myself. I Googled and found lots of text-line 
>> kind of stuff (ie made for people far more expert in computers than I). I have the full version 
>> of Quicktime, so as long as I can get the DVD video and audio to a format that Quicktime can 
>> handle, I can save it to iPod format in Quicktime.
> This is the unit I suggested to my brother-in-law, and he has found it works well to input 
> video/audio into his desktop.   It will do frame captures as well.   I'm probably going buy one in 
> the near future, too, since I've got some BetaMax, S-VHS and 3/4" that I want to make into DVDs. 
> I don't know enough about the input capability of an iPod, but this unit has a USB output and 
> generates MPEG4 which is the highest video resolution currently available unless you want HighDef. 
> It has both standard composite (RCA)  and S-Video inputs, and the latter gives the best video 
> quality when you're feeding from a deck that has that kind of output.   It  has multiple uses for 
> the future, since the USB connection allows you to input audio as well as video into any kind of 
> computer.   Also, the accompanying software may give you more options to create a more 
> professional end product.
> Rod
>> -- Tom Fine