Hi Mike:

Actually, Quicktime does the conversion to iPod video just fine, like I said in my original message.

AVOne looks promising. And the latest version says it rips right to iPod, which saves a step.


-- Tom FIne

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Hi Rod:
>> This is a good Plan B for sure. But I already recorded the video to a DVD, so I just want to 
>> "rip" the DVD onto my hard drive and then convert to iPod video with Quicktime.
>> Just out of curiosity -- why aren't there a gizillion pieces of software to do this? Is it all 
>> because of Hollywood user-hostile copy restrictions? Are those restrictions placed on a DVD I 
>> record in my JVC machine? If so, is there a way I can turn them off? Sorry, showing glaring 
>> ignorance about the DVD format. I usually work in audio only.
>> -- Tom Fine
> There are plenty of programs - free, shareware and conventional - to rip DVD to various formats. 
> However, iPod video is relatively new, saddled with DRM, and otherwise not a favorite on a Wintel 
> box.
> No doubt it will be included soon. For now, you may want to rip to another format and convert with 
> a program such as AVOne. By filing the intermediate form, you will not have to reconvert if you 
> want to put the video into another format. (Rip to DivX AVI for example, but convert to MPEG1 if 
> you cannot easily burn a VCD from DivX.)
> Mike
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