Hi Phillip:

1. are you sure it's a dual-layer SACD? The first edition SACD's were not.

2. try it in a few different CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives and see what happens. If it's not recognized 
in any of them, I betcha it's an early one with no CD layer. If it is recognized in one or more 
other drives, it's a problem specific to your computer or drive. Some older CD-ROM drives can't deal 
with dual-layer discs. And some _really_ old CD-ROM drives can't deal with CDR media.

-- Tom Fine

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> Not for me it doesn't.  Perhaps I'm having problems with the drive or computer.  I'll go to the 
> manufacturer's web site and see if there's anything there.
> Bob Olhsson wrote:
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>> >From phillip holmes: "...How can I get the CD layer of a multilayer SACD
>> onto my iPod?  Would I have to have a CD only player to pick up the CD layer?"
>> I-tunes works just fine here.
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