In the past 20 years I've been to a movie theatre maybe six times at  
most (mostly when "dating") and I think the last visit was maybe six  
or seven years ago. Titanic was new and I saw it in Winnipeg, Canada  
when visiting Canada.. What else is there to do in Winnipeg was our  
view after everything seemed to be closed.

I share your concerns based on my experiences THEN. I'd hate to think  
what it is like now.


On 30 apr 2007, at 13.32, Tom Fine wrote:

> This must be a generational thing. I hate (HATE) movie theaters.  
> Usually, the focus is blurry, the sound bad and the place full of  
> loud smelly people. So I'll sacrifice the "larger than life" aspect  
> of the visuals for the comfort of my own home and superb surround  
> sound experience. As large flatscreens get cheaper and cheaper --  
> and the same case with digital projectors -- the day fast  
> approaches when I'll have it all: a larger-than-life picture plus  
> surround plus the comfort of my own home. Also, going to the movies  
> costs well north of $10 per person if you get a medium nasty greasy  
> popcorn and watered-down soda. And the movies made today aren't  
> generally very good, in my opinion. I still go to an occasional  
> IMAX movie because that truly is a super-real experience.
> -- Tom Fine
> PS -- the generations below me are even less picky since they watch  
> their movies on cellphones and iPods. I need to use my iPod dock  
> connected to a TV to watch iPod movies unless it's just background  
> entertainment on an airplane or something.