Many such projects are underway, some completed (with the usual holes).  The 
approach is to do one label (or label family) at a time.  Mainspring Press 
is doing many of them in book form, set from computer info, of course. 
Greenwood Press did many more before abbandoning the field.    Alan Kelly 
has been generating CDs of the Gramophone Company's various matrix series. 
Etc.  You are discussing reinventing a wheel which is presently a lare 
"under construction" site.

Will you be at the ARSC conference in Milwaukee ater this week?  Many there 
can bring you up-to-date and, if you so desire, welcome you into the tent.

Steve Smolian

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> On 25 apr 2007, at 16.34, Bob Olhsson wrote:
>> The catalog number is the number that retailers and distributors  use to
>> order the recording.
> That was my understanding.
>> The matrix number is the number used internally by the  manufacturing 
>> plant
>> to keep track of the specific metal parts used, labels, etc.
> Is this though the number etched/stamped into the vinyl towards the 
> innermost ring? Is this what "Matrix" primarily will mean in English? 
> Would this be primarily the number audiophiles would want to use for  some 
> reason?
> Rgds, Darren
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