Supposedly, digital projection will solve some of the problems. A whole multiplex can be controlled 
from a central server room. No threading or film-scratched-to-death issues. No mechanical skill 
needed to run the server room, just a minor amount of computer knowledge. Films can be scheduled, 
loaded and QC'd from remote locations. Focusing is automatic. Sound is all part of the picture's 
hard drive worth of files and the rooms can be self-tuned from a remote location (much cheaper to 
drop an electret mic in the middle of the room than to pay someone to be there with an SPL; DSP can 
take care of the tuning in a feedback system from the mic, like JBL's new monitor system).

But, that still can't take care of the rude patrons, the filthy seats and floor or the ripoff 

-- Tom Fine

PS -- the polar opposite of a modern multiplex is this neat little 3rd run theater I found near my 
friend's house in Rochester NY. One screen, large auditorium, seems like the last time it was 
updated was early 70's or late 60's. But seats are kept clean and the place is obviously swept and 
scrubbed regularly. Sound system is no THX but it's easy to hear dialog and SFX works OK. Screen's 
no bigger than a large room in a multiplex but it feels bigger. Tickets are $5 and popcorn isn't 
stale and burned. The last vestige of a past experience. There's probably one of these in most 
mid-sized cities.

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> From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad
> Hello all,
> I was a projectionist for a couple of years during my student days. Boy,
> could I bore the whole list with reminiscences! However, hands-on experience
> and training under a skilled person cannot be recommended too highly. You
> electronics people who have to wait for an image to form, bah! We just pulled
> the film down one image and flashed twice (Ernemann 1923).
> Kind regards,
> George
> Tom Fine wrote, to the point as usual:
> At least back
>> then there was a projectionist on duty and the theater chain at least
>> employed a sound system tech
>> to make sure thing were working from time to time.