Stereo slides are amazing and my father took many of them. Yeah, I'll scan em so everyone can have 
digipix, but I already took the viewer and restored it (battery had corroded in it but it was 
fixable) and will be keeping those boxes for myself one day.

As for slide shows, a well-edited showing of slides is great but few people do them well. I'll 
probably end up with the carousels and the projector so I can enjoy them from time to time. The 
digitization is important, in my opinion, so the neices and nephews have some idea of where they 
came from and what their grandparents were like. Kids today have no experience with slides or indeed 
with almost any imagery beyond movie theatres that is not displayed on a CRT or LCD display, so they 
have no reference to "miss" a slideshow. This is akin to the fact that we now have an adult 
generation that never experienced LP's.

-- Tom Fine

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>> This is an interesting statement. Slides might point out some of
>> the pitfalls of preservation media...
>> ...But, to this day, it's the albums my brothers and I
>> -- or my brother's kids -- will
>> pick up and enjoy. Why? Who has time to dig out the slide projector
>> and set up the screen and sit around and go thru carousel after
>> carousel.
> This is interesting because I love watching slides.  The experience
> is so much more complelling than looking at little faded pictures
> in a book, and viewing slides is a communal experience, like going
> to the movies.  I've been taking slides since high school, and my
> friends frequently *ask* me to bring a few trays to get-togethers.
> This includes stereo slides, which take a lot more effort to
> present and enjoy.  I bought a film scanner so I could have
> "worst case scenario" backups of my images in a safe deposit
> box - something I've admittedly made little progress towards
> achieving.  But I'm not ditching the ol' Ektagraphic until I
> can get a digital projector with the same picture quality, which
> is as easy to use (ie, doesn't require lugging a PC around
> with it), and as affordable to buy new, as a Carousel projector.
> I'd guess that's still 5-10 years out.
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