I have investigated this for filmstrips. I have one I'd love to put together for the AES Historical 
Committee website. Have permissions and everything but haven't figured out the best way to do it. 
What I last was learning toward was breaking the audio into "slide 1," "slide 2", etc and doing it 
in Powerpoint, saving the file as a standalone-self-running Powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint 2000 
and beyond, and maybe earlier have this as a Save-As option). This should then work on any Windows 
machine. I suggested that we also offer the Powerpoint file for Mac users. Now, the problem is that 
file size very quickly bloats up with decent-quality audio. I decided to bring audio down to 192K 
MP3 since it's just an LP record soundtrack. I need to go back to the main WAV file, break it into 
slide-sized files, get rid of the low-frequency frame-change signals and then coordinate with the 
JPG's of the frames. The filmstrip is actually neato. It was part of a series "How People Work" for 
elementary kids about different careers. This filmstrip features "Recording Engineer" and centers 
around a Reeves Studios sound-for-video mixer. It's a well-executed and Reeves was in that 
transition time when there was still a lot of tube gear next to the early 70's solid-state gear, and 
this was back when commercials were shot and edited on film.

So what do you ladies and gentlemen think about using PowerPoint for this? My thinking was: 1) 
ability for standalone-self-executing version; 2) semi-universal format and 3) ability to wed sound 
with still image on a frame-by-frame basis. Drawbacks are: 1) proprietary format, and 2) given the 
usual performance of Microsoft Office apps, no guarantee it will behave or look the same on all 
computers.  We also discussed doing this as HTML with javascripts to play the audio but some web 
browsers won't look or operate the same as others and some firewalls/security apps would prevent the 
sound-player from starting. The AES server and webmaster setup is not able to host something like 
Flash, so it can't be a server-side app.

-- Tom Fine

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> I've investigated this a bit and Windows Media is one option to render say full 1280x1024 or 
> whatever screen resolution you wish to do it in. In theory you can do this from the Adobe video 
> production offerings, but I did not have good luck making it work smoothly.
> You edit the whole thing on a timeline.
> Hint: if you have a "change" pulse track, import that as an audio track that you ultimately dump 
> and you can use it for alignment.
> I want to do this, too...someday.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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>>What about sound-slide shows?
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