Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
> There are also some fun film strip records made for school use in the 60s.I have a cool one on The Solar System,by none other than Ken Nordine.

Since there's a current thread here on the Met, it may be worth 
mentioning that they used to lend filmstrips of opera to schools. A few 
years ago, they decided to clean them out and offered them without 
charge. They replied to my note that they had rights only for use as 
filmstrips and that they were giving them away only to teachers.

While I did not qualify, I had managed to obtain a half dozen with the 
idea of CD-ROM slide shows with recordings - not for distribution since 
rights would be unobtainable, but as a demonstration. Unfortunately, the 
filmstrips had been mishandled so badly that I abandoned the project.

Whether there are archival copies somewhere, I cannot guess. Since these 
were of productions otherwise unrecorded visually, I hope they're 
protected - but I'm not prepared to make bets.

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