> HL  7172 "Wagner for Orchestra Carl Bamberger/Frankfurt Opera  
> Orchestra
> HL  7173  Haydn Trumpet Concerto,Herbert Braeuing soloist,Mozart  
> Bassoon Concerto,K. 191,Horst Winter,soloist,Handel Oboe Concerto  
> No.1,Frederich Plath,soloist Carl Bamberger/Frankfurt Chamber  
> Orchestra.
> HL 7174 Mozart Violin Concerti Nos. 3 and 4 Manoug Parikian,violin  
> Hamburg Chamber Orchestra,Walter Goehr
> (The only record by Parikian I have ever found.)
> HL  7175 "Great Ballet Favorites" Orchestre de  
> Pasdelloup,Paris,Walter Goehr
> HL 7176 Strauss: TillEulenspiegel's Merry Pranks/Don Juan Frankfurt  
> Radio Symphony,Otto Ackerman/Berlioz Overture to "Benvenuto  
> Cellini" Paris Opera Orchestra,Pierre-Michel Le Conte
> More information on Le Conte please
> HL 7178 "Hi-Fi Favorites For Orchestra" "Orchestra of the Concerts  
> de Paris" (That's what it says.),Pierre-Michel Le Conte

These were all licensed from the Concert Hall label, which ceased  
doing business in the US some time earlier. Le Conte was a spirited  
conductor in the Paray mold who also did a fine disc of Chabrier that  
ended up on Perfect (an Epic sub-label).

> HS 11011 Debussy "La Mer"/Ravel "Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 
> 2","Pavane Pour Une Infante Defaunte" Orchestre du National de  
> L'Opera Paris Pierre-Michel Le Conte
> HS 11012 Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 Sondra Bianca,"Orchestra  
> of the Concerts of Paris",Carl Bamberger.
> More information on Bianca please.

More from Concert Hall. Sondra Bianca: there is a fascinating story,  
way too involved to go into here. To condense it: she is Paul  
Lazare's daughter. Lazare was an entrepreneur who made recordings in  
Hamburg and licensed them to dozens of off-brand labels, under a  
variety of pseudonymns. The same recording could turn up a dozen  
times under a dozen different names. (In fact, we have a whole series  
of "musical mysteries" releases that delve into these strange items  
and identify the real performers).

Ms Bianca is a most talented, accomplished pianist. Not only did she  
play on many of her father's pseudonymous recordings, but made many  
under her own name for MGM and other labels. She made her first  
public appearance at 5, and by age 11 was appearing with Lorin  
Maazel. She performed with the NY Philharmonic and orchestras around  
the world. She would later become a producer for Columbia Special  
Products and Music Minus One. Ms Bianca is currently alive and well  
in NYC. We have put out a couple CDs of her playing, and she has been  
gracious enough to contribute informative and entertaining  
annotations for them.

HS 11012 is a title I've wanted to get a hold of for a future  
release, but have never found a stereo copy of the LP that was  
sufficiently clean to work with. If you have such a copy I'd like to  
hear from you very much.