Regarding Roger's message/inquiry about Harmony LPs: the two 
Leinsdorf/Rochester Philharmonic records to which he refers (HL 7054, Mozart/Schubert; HL 
7171, Haydn/Mendelssohn) were first issued on Entre, Columbia's circa 1953 
medium-priced label. There were no full-priced Columbia releases. I'm sorry that I 
don't have the Entre numbers at hand. 

  The Leinsdorf/Rochester series on Entre contained more records, including a 
highly-praised Beethoven Eroica. I own one and must say that it's an 
excellent performance.

  Roger's post contained information about a lot of Harmony LPs I knew 
nothing about. Thanks. 

  The Dame Myra Hess Schubert recordings, by the way, were recorded around 
1928  for Columbia's "Schubert Centennial" observation.

  Don Tait

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