I agree about keeping the discussion on the list - at the very 
least, Laura, please share your final research with the list.

Laura, the work of your schoolmate Jim Thurn (UT Austin) on mold 
also crosses over into general aspects of tape conservation.  See:

Also see where Richard has collected
a good number of tips on working with tape.

Eric Jacobs

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Hi --

Laura Mundee wrote:

> I am joining several of my classmates in seeking the wisdom of folks  
> on this list...  I am researching cleaning procedures for 
> analog tape  
> and cassettes. What types of issues are involved here?  How 
> do you go  
> about the process of cleaning tape, if you do?  If not, why?  Are  
> there products or procedures you would recommend or, 
> conversely, avoid?
> We are assembling a guide as part of a class assignment (due April  
> 17).  Any information or resources you could point out would be  
> greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me off list - 

For what it's worth, I'd love to see this discussion kept ON the list.
Laura, this is an excellent topic and I'm keenly interested in hearing
what the folks on this list have to say about it. I'm positive I'm not

Please don't let it "go underground".


-- Steve

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