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> Very much agree. But, the youngsters seem to derive much more
> stimulus and deep enjoyment from a 
> visual experience on a blurry 2x2 screen than I or people my age
> (41) or older are likely to. 

I can't help but think that at some point there's going to
be a backlash, or pendulum swing, or epiphany, or whatever
you want to call it, that will drive people back to high
fidelity audio and video.  It's the "you are there" aspect
of formats like 6x6 and stereo slides that drives my inderest
in those media.  Maybe it will take a digital version of Imax
with an increased frame rate to get the fluidity of movement
of video combined with the picture quality if film to get
people back, or something else, but I can't see how after
a century-long quest for ever-greater realism, the whole
endeavor going to be forsaken for crummy web audio and video.

David Breneman         [log in to unmask]

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