I sold a AOL floppy once for $25.00

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From: "Mal Rockwell" 
> Tin snips work well for cutting them up.
> But something more permanent, like burning them, is probably a major
> environmental hazard. I know I wouldn't want to be breathing anywhere
> around them while they're on fire!
> It'd be nice if a random signal could be burned over existing data, thus
> making it unreadable, but I don't think that can be done easily.
> Still, if you just want to throw them away where do you throw them?
> Now to read other contributors answers...
And what about the thirty-seven billion (give or take) AOL CD's?!

The floppies you could erase and re-use...the only conceivable use
for AOL CD's is to use them for low-tech frisbees...!

Steven C. Barr

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