Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Yes, their RQR series. Your statement is too broad. Pentatone only are reissuing the Philips 
classical recordings from the 70's, no others. I'm actually more interested in the quad mixes for 
various rock albums, although I do have some RQR and they are pretty good (too many mics for my 
taste with classical recordings). When SACD came out, most of the classic rock records from the Quad 
era were either not reissued at all or remixed for 5.1 SACD, usually by the now-deaf original 
producer or engineer and most don't sound as good, to my ears, as the original 2-channel stereo 
masters. There are exceptions.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 07/04/07, Tom Fine wrote:
>> For me personally, the 2T mid-50's tapes are always worth getting at
>> garage sales as long as the tapes aren't moldy or obviously
>> warped/curled and the price is cheap. But the real prize for me is
>> quad reels from the 70's. That's where you hear what producers
>> intended for quad since they are true discrete 4-channels and not some
>> unworkable matrix like the records. Some producers had very
>> interesting ideas, some liked flying sounds around your head -- same
>> as the short-lived multi-channel SACD remixes.
> The Pentatone label has been specialising in licensing 70s quadraphonic
> tapes and reissuing them as surround SACDs.
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> Don Cox
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