I think the "Zarathustra" and the "Gaite" were recorded within days of each other,and released on the same day.

Some speculation here:

1952,puts us at the tail end of the binaural era,which dates back to the experimental Bell/RCA/EMI recordings from the 30s.Considering our writer bought these in Morocco,a French colony,surrounded by British ones,they obviously sold stuff from these two colonial powers.RCA and Mercury were both doing binaural recordings at the time,with Stokowski,Kubilek,and Heifitz.
Not to mention the famous Heifetz,Bach which some of us like,and some of us don't.All were under the HMV umbrella.HMV,Echophone,or somebody could have  made commercial units as early as 1952.

Someone here probably knows all about this stuff.

Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote: I'd be interested to know what's on them and who released them. I do not believe you'll find that 
they are in fact 2T stereo. They are likely half-track (2-sided) mono. If they are stereo, it would 
be very interesting to know who put them out as in 1952 only a few people were experimenting with 
2-channel stereo recording of music. No major labels yet, although I believe RCA started making 2T 
masters in 1954 or even 1953 -- I think Zarathustra with Reiner was the first 2T session.

-- Tom Fine

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>    I bought my first 2 track tapes for my reel recorder/player in the Base Exchange in 
> Sidi-Slimane, Morocco in 1952.  I still have a couple of them in fact.   Jack
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>> Ampex developed their own, was developed by Leon Wortman in NY and detailed in a 1951 Radio & TV 
>> News article. Wortman's line made full-track or half-track tapes. Commercial half-track tapes 
>> were available as early as 1951 or 1952, but there was only a very small consumer market for reel 
>> to reel machines at that point. > Because this was a new format sold at a premium price, a lot of 
>> QC attention was paid by the reputable companies in this era, so the net quality is very high. 
>> Akin to what happened when stereo LPs came along.
> .

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