I use mine with a couple of LCD screens in the car to entertain the kids
on trips. Pretty good for that, no disks to mess with.. 

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Frankly I have wondered about that.  Why would anyone want to watch a
movie on a DVD?  They are often too large in scope to even enjoy on a TV

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>I have used software/instructions found at
> It costs $34.95 and works fine on a PC, although it takes a while.
> of
> it is a decrypter and part of it is a transcoder (freeware called
> that converts the decrypted file to a file that the iPod reads.  I
> the
> sticking point is the decryption, which would seem not legal.  I also
> problems with the sound.  The version of Quicktime/iTunes that came
> the
> iPod was fine, but I downloaded a new version of Quicktime/iTunes and 
> during
> playback from the iPod, the audio portion of the movies stopped after 
> about
> 20 seconds, although the video continued.  Re-loading the
> that came with the iPod restored the audio.  Quicktime strikes again.
> only converted a few dvd's, because it is devilish hard to view a
movie on
> the iPod screen.
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