I have one I got at Target that has a disk slot. It actually does shred
the disk completely. I was about $40 US. 

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I have a paper shredder with a disk slot. All it does is make an all
over patterned imprint across the disk.  It is totally unreadable.  The
shredder was about $50 or so at the office supply store.


Mike Richter wrote:

> Trey Bunn wrote:
>> This may be an odd question considering that it's pretty much the 
>> opposite of what most of us normally do, but I was wondering if 
>> anyone had any tips on how to destroy a CD-R.
>> Any thoughts?  And no, before anyone thinks I have a CD full of super

>> secret scary government files or something, don't worry.
> Scribe radially through the acrylic lacquer on top of the disc. One or

> two slashes that disturb the metallic layer will be quite enough.
> Forensic experts might be able to piece the fragments of sectors 
> together again, but ordinary tools will not suffice. The directory 
> (innermost written area) will not make sense to any standard player so

> even the filenames will be lost.
> Breaking the disc is both difficult and dangerous. Microwaving is 
> spectacular but slow and potentially harmful both in its effect and to

> the maser. I'm told that there are heavy-duty paper shredders which 
> can handle CDs, but an Xacto knife used as above suffices for me.
> Mike

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