Since this is supposed to be a code based on ISO 15511, the answer might begin with a check as to which is the conforming code and who is the authorized issuing agency in the US.   I don't know the answer except that I do recall some international controversy regarding OCLC codes when the standard was in draft.   Perhaps it might be that OCLC codes are not strictly "national" codes. 

Anyone have an update on the ISO process? 

Michael Fox

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Would like to survey the Collective Wisdom on the maingencycode attribute of the EADID element.  Are most people using the OCLC code for this or the MARC-21 code?  For example for us the OCLC code is SYB but the MARC code is NSyU.  Just wondered whether there's a good reason to go one way or the other.  Obviously to get records into OCLC we would have to use the OCLC code, but I'm wondering if there are any other pros or cons to using one or the other.

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