Hello all:

I am wondering if anyone can help me map transliterated and varying 
volume numbers, dates, and page numbers into MODS.  Is that possible? 
Below is an excerpt from some sample data I am attempting to map -- my 
first attempt! For my mapping to work, the sub-element <partNumber> 
would need to be repeatable, sub-element <date> would need to be 
repeatable in <part>. Furthermore, <start>/<end> for "pages" within 
<part> would also need to be repeatable.  I'm also wondering if 
"displayLabel" is an attribute that can be used with any element?  Or is 
it just used within <titleInfo>?

Thanks for any advice and help you can give!

<relatedItem type="host" displayLabel="Journal Title">
		<title> செந்தமிழ்ச் செல்வி</title>
		<transliteration>: Centamil̲̲̱c celvi</transliteration>
		<partNumber diplayLabel="Volume"> சரு</partNumber>
		<partNumber displayLabel="Varying Volume">45</partNumber>
		<partNumber displayLabel=" Issue/Part/Number">சு [sic]</partNumber>
          <partNumber displayLabel="Varying Issue/Part/Number">4<partNumber>

	<date displayLabel="Month"> பிப்ரவரி</date>
	<date displayLabel="Transliterated Month">Pipravari (February)</date>
	<date displayLabel="Varying Month"> தை </date>
	<date displayLabel="Tranliterated Varying Month">Tai<date>
	<date displayLabel="Year">1971</date>
	<date displayLabel="Varying Year"> திருவள்ளுவர் ஆண்டு உ00உ</date>
	<date displayLabel="Transliterated Varying Year"> Tiruvaḷḷuvar āṇṭu 2002
		<extent unit="pages">
			<start displayLabel="Starting page">*</start>
<start displayLabel="Transliterated starting page>[289]</start>
			<end displayLabel="Ending page">*<end>
			<end displayLabel="Tranliterated ending page">293<end>

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