Hi Sally

Have you considered adding a date granularity attribute to any element in
MODS that will express a date value? I queried the MODS mailing list about
this in my email on the 19/1/2007 but have had no reply.

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On 14/4/07 7:02 AM, "Sally H. McCallum" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> MODS 3.3 is now available for review  with an accompanying corresponding
> 3.3 draft outline .  The review period is 3 weeks, April 13-May 4.  Please
> send your comments to the MODS list [log in to unmask] or to [log in to unmask] by May 4.
> MODS web site:
> Schema:
> <
> 13.xsd> 
> Outline: <>
> As part of preparation of MODS 3.3, we have tried to respond to requests
> for more guidance on collection level records.  (See Collection Description
> and MODS at the MODS web site)   Accordingly a  mapping of the NISO/DCCD
> element list for collection level records has been drafted.  Only one
> element called for an augmentation to MODS: add authority to
> <mods:originInfo><frequency> making it <mods:originInfo><frequency
> authority=""> so that a controlled list , e.g., "marcfrequency", may be
> specified.  The NISO and DCCD drafts use the list in MARC field 853 for
> their values so that list would be established separate from the MARC
> format and could thus be referenced.
> The other changes were listed in a message last week.  They are:
> 1. Increased support for holdings.
> 2. Increased support for rights schemas: extensibility mechanism added to
> accessCondition to allow for other more detailed rights schemas (e.g.
> CDL.s).  
> 3. Allow typeOfResource to be empty.
> 4. Add attribute 'authority' to <frequency> under <originInfo>.
> 5. Add under <recordInfo>, a new element <descriptionStandard> with an
> authority attribute, e.g. <descriptionStandard
> authority="marcdescription">rak</descriptionStandard>.
> 6. Add under hierarchicalGeographic (under subject):  extraterrestrialArea,
> citySection. 
> The addition of elements for holdings has been coordinated with work in ISO
> on a larger, much more detailed holdings schema.  Provision is  made for
> both simple detailed holdings using additional MODS elements and use of
> external schemas in <location>, as described in the paper MODS Holdings
> Information  Discussion at the MODS web site.  When the ISO schema is
> completed, it would be one of the external schemas that might be referenced.
> Please review! 
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