Hi, While not intending to speak for PCC here, let me just point (all
of) you to a resource that may help this question. The resource emanates
from the group OLAC (OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers).  It is the
excellent "OLAC Catalogers Judgment" column (whose current editor is Jay
Weitz of OCLC) from the OLAC Newsletter.  This question has come up
often on the OLAC-List, and so Jay has addressed it often in the
Newsletters.  If you will go to  < > and click
on the Newsletters link, you will find all of OLAC's newsletters from
no. 1.  Go to each of the more recent issues and scroll down the TOC to
Jay's column.  Here is a sampling of this topic from some of these more
recent issues:


"Basing Dates for an Electronic Resource on its Print Equivalent" - v.
26, no. 3

"On-Demand Printout of a PDF File" - v. 26, no. 2
"Coding for Printouts" - v. 25, no. 3/4


...and so on back through a few years. Since Jay also speaks for OCLC in
these columns, his answers would speak particularly well to your
question, I think.  Notice that I am copying Jay here, in case he would
like to jump in.

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I came across an electronic document that I would like to add as a paper
copy in our library collection. 

I would like to know if we create a new bibliographic record in OCLC for
the paper format? 



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