A new feature has just been added to the Classification Proposal System: the ability to create a proposal to cancel an existing number completely.  Catalogers should rarely need to use this feature, since it is far more common to parenthesize an existing number and create a see reference than to cancel a number completely.

In those rare instances where you need to completely delete a number from LCC, here's how to do it:

(1) On the classification browse screen, you'll notice that the letter C now appears beside each caption, in addition to the the other letters.  To create a proposal to cancel an existing number, click the C beside its caption.  An EZ form will appear.

(2) In the Cataloger's comments field on the EZ form, provide an explanation of why you want to cancel the number.  Optionally, fill in your email address.  If you are an LC cataloger, make a printout of the proposal.  Then save the proposal.

(3) When you refresh your browser, you'll notice that the proposal appears in brown, with the notation CANCEL LINE beside it.

(4) Submit a printout of the proposal to the Classification Editorial team, or, if you are a Coop library, notify your Coop liaison that you have created the proposal.

Do NOT use this feature to create a proposal to parenthesize a number and create a see reference to another number.  To create such a proposal, follow the procedure described in existing documentation.