Are you trying to build this using the in build Visual Studio tools?

There used a quirk in .Net that the command line wsdl compiler for .Net will only correctly work with WSDL which import other files (xsd, wsdl etc.) if the URLs for all the imported files are specified on the command line. The inbuilt WSDL handling of Visual Studio itself would not cope with WSDLs which imported others.

This snippet used to be in the faq for SRW. I've not tried the latest Visual Studios to see if this has been fixed.


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> Hi !
> I'm working on a web client based on SRW 2.0 (Search and Retrieve Web
> Service) and i'm having problems importing the wsdl file
> (,
> on
> this web-site ( I've
> already
> wrote the code in Java, on Eclipse IDE.
> My point is to access from a web client on .NET to a computer that as a
> DSpace repository installed, with the SRW. On eclipse, while importing
> the
> wsdl, worked fine ( i used the WSDL2JAVA pluggin on Eclipse).
> On the other computer, with .NET, when i import the wsdl file with the
>, ( the ip, is the ip
> of
> the other machine) the .NET recognizes well the services available, but
> while writing the code, .NET doesn't recognize any methods or classes
> of the
> web-service... strange thing, and while importing the wsdl, it points
> to
> another wsdls and xsd's that make part of the SRW... I've wroted
> already the
> line code "using DSpace" (name of my web reference) and it doesen't
> recognize anything...
> Could anyone help me ?
> Do i have to change the namespaces of the wsdl ?
> Above is the link to the WSDL file.
> Many thanks
> Guilherme Saraiva
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