>As far as I know, their system is the only one that will no 
>data-based ripping of minidiscs. Depending on how many you have, 
>however, building up a few digitization stations with inexpensive 
>SPDIF inputs and MD players with SPDIF outputs could get the job 
>done quickly. I would look at multiple workstations rather than a 
>single multi-channel workstation due to the difficulty of 
>synchronizing the clocks on the MD players.

>Of course, making up a half dozen MD workstations would cost as much 
>or more than the ESDL package. On the other hand, the ESDL package 
>relies on an out-of-production (as I understand it) MD drive from 
>Sony. ESDL refurbs and modifies the drive and sells it as part of 
>the package (again as I currently understand what they are doing).

The thing that appeals to me is the error correction and 
report.  That's something that real-time recording generally won't 
do.  I've seen Exact Audio Copy slow down and really concentrate on 
errors a lot of times with CDs; it's a plus that the person ripping 
the info doesn't need an extensive training.  Having the same kind of 
peace of mind with MD is a huge plus given the reliability of other 
magnetic digital media.  Whether or not it works as I'm thinking it 
does is another thing.

>Even if you only set up one MD chain separate from your main 
>digitization chain, the real-time ingest could be done as a 
>background task in your main lab. That is how I do it, actually.
>If you did two MDs per day as background, you could do 500 per year 
>with no real increase in workload.
>How many do you have and I hope you've stopped making new ones. 
>Substitute compact-flash recorders for the MD recorders if the 
>people are still generating MDs. I think everyone will be happy you 
>did. I think you can pay for the CD recorders out of the labour 
>savings <smile>!

We're talking several thousands of minidiscs coming from a third 
party and a variety of storage conditions across Europe.  We're not 
generating MDs here, and it's not within my power at all to stop any 
future production.

Anyway, thanks for the response!


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