At  5/6/2007 07:55 AM, you wrote:
>I cross the border every two or three weeks (Canada/US, usually in 
>the Niagara area but sometimes at Thousand Islands) with nary a problem.

If you regularly use a border crossing where it's offered, the NEXUS 
program is more than worth the cost. This is a pre-approval system 
that allows you to drive through a special lane rather than waiting 
with the rest of the traffic.

I use it at the West Coast crossings between British Columbia and 
Washington state, but it's also available in Southern Ontario and 
Quebec, and at Toronto and Vancouver airports. More than once, I've 
heard the radio traffic reports warning of waits of 45 minutes to 
over an hour at the Peace Arch, but I can zip past and maybe wait for 
one other car to clear. And because everybody using the NEXUS lane is 
pre-cleared, it only takes about twenty seconds per car.

At US$50 or CDN$80 for five years, it pays for itself in reduced 
stress and aggravation after two or three trips, as far as I'm 
concerned. I wouldn't cross the border without it.

John Ross