On 25/05/07, Rob Poretti wrote:

> IMHO, I don't believe Apple and Linux should grouped together. I know
> Apple's OS comes from UNIX but they are very different animals. For
> one thing, each have their own market driving forces. (I suppose a
> common driving force is that they are both *NOT* Windows! <LOL!>
> Perhaps this is what you implied? :-) )
> I know that all of the OS's will run on the Intel platform but
> developing for those other platforms is still an independent and task.
> Some libraries can be shared of course, but it's still significant
> work to port things over. We've been Apple developers for over a
> decade, most recently porting some of our restoration tools for Pro
> Tools. It's not as easy as it seems.
> The more likely scenario is the OS's will continue to "merge" over
> time. Right now we have dual-boot Macs. Soon we will be able to have a
> Mac session and a PC session active simultaneously. After that I could
> see intersession communication between applications and file/resource
> sharing - that kind of thing. 

We had just that on desktop Amiga computers around 15 years ago, running
the old Mac OS 7 or 8 simultaneously with the Amiga OS, and being able to move
files between them. At that time both were using 68040 or 68060

> Ultimately, software will be compiled so
> that the same source will work on both. OS API calls will simply get
> diverted to the correct interface handlers depending on what OS you're
> running...
> <dreamy smile>  
> Now wouldn't that be nice?
> Cheers!

Don Cox
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