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>> The ClassicFM radio station in the UK claims six million listeners.
>> Admittedly this station concentrates on the more popular classical
>> music, but those listeners can't all be in a social elite. 
> Well, our (GTA)"classical station," CFMX (IIRC) aka "Classical 97,"
> seems to be financially flourishing...a change from the classics
> having only been heard on obscure educational FM stations! OTOH,
> the current station has a "playlist" of a relative handful of
> well-known, often-heard musical works...and, at that, generally
> single movements (or parts thereof), in order to duplicate the
> flexibility (for commercial content...!) of pop-music radio!

ClassicFM used to play only single movements but they now play complete
works during the evening. The emphasis is certainly on the more popular
works, and the announcers are mostly agonisingly cheery, but at least it
is playing some less well known music and it is getting people used to
classical music generally.

They have just started a jazz channel, but as this is on digital radio
only, I haven't heard it. 

BBC Radio 3 does of course broadcast a great deal of both classical and
jazz, the jazz being mainly current players rather than hostorical.

> As far as the 6,000,000 classical-music is VERY likely
> that few are actually in a "social elite"...however, it is VERY
> likely that about 5,999,900 of them aspire to belong thereto,
> and thus want to be seen/heard listening to "upper class" music
> (i.e. classical music...)!

I really don't think so. Nobody I know thinks of classical as "upper
class music". 
> Then, unknown number may simply be unable to tolerate the
> current "hit music" of the XXI Jahrhundert, and are thus searching
> for available alternatives...?!
> Steven C. Barr
Don Cox
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