On 26/05/07, David Lennick wrote:

> George Brock-Nannestad wrote:
>>> In other words, can we take a 19th century acoustic recording, and
>>> infer from that what a stereo, full-fidelity recording of that sonic
>>> event would sound like...?!
>> ----- that is not unlikely, but the noise-reducing tools will not
>> perform that. It would require analysis tools that could tell us
>> something about the reverberation in the original room and then model
>> a soundscape including a stereo perspective.
>> Kind regards,
>> George
> Some of us are still reeling from the memory of those gawdawful Caruso
> reconstructions. Don't forget..the "original room" was designed to
> produce the maximum amount of oomph and channel it into a horn.
> Mapleson cylinders would be about the only recordings where you might
> have a vague hope of reconstructing an acoustic worth hearing.

I would guess that in most cases, if not all, the original room was not
designed at all, apart from such things as putting the piano up on a

It would be amazing if anyone at Gennett thought for a moment about the
room acoustics. Somebody at Edison might have done.

Don Cox
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