On 08/05/07, Tom Fine wrote:

> If that's the case, then isn't the music business going to keep
> shrinking for quite a while? Back when the album was a "luxury item,"
> wasn't the business much smaller -- and weren't those luxury items
> produced and marketed by people who knew music as opposed to lawyers
> and accountants?

I think this is the case now, if you look at companies such as BIS,
Hyperion, Mosaic, Testament, Sterns, etc etc. And the orchestras 
and bands who sell their own CDs.

A smaller industry would not necessarily mean fewer titles. What would
disappear would be the massive sales of a few pop artists.
> I must say I am not as optimistic as you seem that any vestige of a
> "music business" will exist in another decade. I just hope some phoney
> dot-bomb doesn't end up with somebody's archives, which then get lost
> or sold for pennies to a game publisher or the like when the dot-bomb
> blows up.

The preservation of archives is expensive and is indeed a worry. 

Some important recordings may only survive as poor quality digital
transfers made in the 80s or early 90s.

Don Cox
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