Sorry for the cross-posts.

I will repeat an offer I made about a year ago for anyone with 1/4" quad reels. If you want to 
liberate your tapes to DVD-Audio (playable on most DVD players), 4 discrete channels, please ping me 
off-list. I am always interested in getting new quad material into my own collection so I'm happy to 
do the transfer and DVD-A authoring for you. I use a Tascam 44 deck (last generation, excellent 
pro-grade mechanism and better than earlier electronics), which is definitely more than good enough 
for any mass-duped tape. I now also have 4 channels of Dolby B NR, and a decent portion of ye olde 
quad tapes were duped with Dolby.

Also, I just upgraded to Soundforge 9, which allows for Dolby AC3 authoring for surround. Need to 
learn this but when I do, I can burn DVD's with standard AC3 encoding, which means they will play on 
any DVD player. You need an AC3 decoder and analog outputs on the DVD player or on your 
preamp/receiver to get surround out of AC3.

So dig out your old quad reels and ping me off-list. How often does someone offer up an A-D transfer 
for free?

-- Tom Fine