On 5 maj 2007, at 05.33, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
> is effectively part of Milwaukee...), leaving only the problem of
> the new anti-terrorist policies of the US, and a change in the

I know the list isn't the place for this, and maybe the A part of the  
ARSC justifies it being in America, but I am aware of quite a few  
Europeans who have resolutely refused to go to the U.S. for business  
or pleasure due to the knee jerk security reactions that have  
developed in the land in the past few years.   Mind you, I understand  
that it can often be quite horrible for Americans "returning home" as  
well when they experience the kind, generous welcome of the Border  
Guards.  Even before September 11, the idiocy that was greeting  
visitors was quite unwelcome.

I can recommend a visit to Finland :) Come and visit the real home of  
Father Christmas and hold the next ARSC away day.

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