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> On 17 maj 2007, at 15.41, Karl Miller wrote:
> > Let me know how much money you would need to start up such a  
> > service. Assuming such a site would be subject to the European  
> > copyrights, I have plenty of broadcast material, still covered by  
> > US copyrights, that I would be happy to make available at no charge.
> >
> Hi... seems that (according to some off list) mail Finland might be  
> tightening up its rules as well as the EU at large. I think the whole  
> legal side needs to be examined as obviously the broader audience as  
> possible amongst collectors who can contribute material is desirable,  
> but if one takes a risk just because a U.S. user can get the material  
> and thus bring the house of cards down if someone wanted to prove a  
> point.    Are the laws any clearer in Canada :)
Per sound-recording copyright terms they are...however, there is no
guarantee of how long the 50-year term will continue, since CRIA is
a willing "lap dog" for RRIA and the current Federal government is
trying to suck up to Dubya, et al, to the greatest extent possible!

Currently, the a willing agent for in panic
mode, since this coming December 31 will see the first "hit records"
of one Elvis Presley enter the public domain in countries which use
the once-nearly-worldwide 50-year copyright term. After all, when one
of one's "cash cows" is threatened by rustlers, one burglar-proofs
one's barn!

The tragedy is that the recording industry wants to recreate the US
concept of "eternity plus a century or two" copyright to every land
which might be or at some future press reissue
CD's (or mass-burn CD-R's...!). This basically guarantees that 99.9%
of our sound-recorded history will forever go unheard...the industry
won't reissue it, since it won't guarantee the mega-profits they
dimly recall (and want back again...?!) BUT, they won't allow anyone
else to reissue it for fear of "establishing a precedent"...!

Net result: expect a continuing flood of reissued "name" artists
(Elvis, Glenn Miller, usw.)...but DON'T expect a complete retrospective
on Paul Christinsen and his Hotel Fort Des Moines Orchestra (all one
records) anytime soon...!

Steven C. Barr