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> On 5 maj 2007, at 08.06, Cary Ginell wrote:
> > Richard Hess, Seth Winner, and Doug Pomeroy displayed their  
> > prodigious talents in restoring damaged recordings, with Cedar and  
> > its new plug-in known as RETOUCH which seamlessly eliminated  
> > intrusive coughs from live performances, technicians bumping into
> Is this part of the Cedar Cartridge system.  I am just starting an  
> evaluation as to whether to go down the Cedar path and was being  
> "seduced" by the Cedar Duos system, mostly for "simplicity" and for  
> budgetary reasons.
Point is, if we have reached a point where coughs, sneezes, candy-
wrapper crackles, furniture squeaks and such can be identified and
romoved...digitally(!!)...we should also be able to do the same
with off-key or otherwise musically incorrect bits in a recorded

So, if Mme. Gassi-Catzy (N.B.: ref. "How I Wish't I Was In Peoria")
tried for a high C in her recording of "Overture From Hunger"...
and missed it...we can now digitally erase her error and replace
it with her voice reaching the note...!

Next step will be digitalia capable of analyzing digital recordings
of, say, Bix...and identifying what made him sound like Bix! Having
done that, we could then exactly recreate the sound of Bix playing
songs he never recorded...possibly "Bix Plays the Greatest Hits Of
the Rolling Stones"...?!

There will, of course, be a cheaper portable version, so that one
can plug a mike into one end...the output into the karaoke hardware...
and then select whom wishes to sound like (all musical errors
corrected, of course...)

Steven C. Barr