On 22 maj 2007, at 18.59, Eric Jacobs wrote:

> You may want to check out the ELP Declicker.  It was
> engineered and manufactured by CEDAR for ELP and uses
> the full CEDAR declickle algorithms.  The difference

Yes, by coincidence I was communicating with ELP's UK agent yesterday  
and he stated that he went on behalf of ELP to visit CEDAR prior to  
production and that ELP's product is "...not directly an  
implementation of a single product, but was custom designed by CEDAR  
for ELP."

I have the declicker product and in my trials I believe it makes some  
difference but to get the most benefit you seem to need to "turn it  
up" a lot and it appears then to take a bit away from the overall  
sound. I need to sit down and do more detailed work with it though as  
I often reprocess imported material "lightly ELPed" through a  
software cleaner (presently).


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