On 7 maj 2007, at 05.13, David Lennick wrote:
>> Trouble is, neither Durham Region Transit nor Greyhound Canada runs
>> buses east of the maritime provinces...and I don't recall seeing
>> any cheap charter fares Canada-Helsinki (anybody else notice that
>> those $99 fares are always one-way, and the very fine print tells
Ah, do they do that in North America as well. Irritation is not the  
word. In the UK you get often companies advertising flights for a  
pound or two and then you get stiffed for the fees... and the fees  
always seem to vary between rival carriers even for the same  
routing.   It gets my goat when you try and use reward miles for a  
booking and the fees often are higher than buying an offer fare with  
tax/fees from the same carrier.

Customer loyalty... airline industry... genuine.... words not  
designed to go together.


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