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> On 7 maj 2007, at 05.13, David Lennick wrote:
> >> Trouble is, neither Durham Region Transit nor Greyhound Canada runs
> >> buses east of the maritime provinces...and I don't recall seeing
> >> any cheap charter fares Canada-Helsinki (anybody else notice that
> >> those $99 fares are always one-way, and the very fine print tells
> Ah, do they do that in North America as well. Irritation is not the  
> word. In the UK you get often companies advertising flights for a  
> pound or two and then you get stiffed for the fees... and the fees  
> always seem to vary between rival carriers even for the same  
> routing.   It gets my goat when you try and use reward miles for a  
> booking and the fees often are higher than buying an offer fare with  
> tax/fees from the same carrier.
Here in Canada, they are required to mention the extra charges...but
that law fails to designate a minimum type size...

> Customer loyalty... airline industry... genuine.... words not  
> designed to go together.
Actually, delete "airline" and substitute "any"...and you have
just typified the XXI Jahrhundert...!

The theme song of present-day human existence is probably:

I got more <wotever> than you do..."

Meanwhile, the poor overloaded planet is finally falling apart
at the seams...?!

Go figure (or, better yet, don't, if you're easily scared...)

Steven C. Barr