It seems to me we are looking Cedar as an either/or choice, the or being 
very much less expensive solutions which do not deliver as good a finished 

Setting aside operator skills, ther is much to be said for many of the tools 
in Sound Forge as the equal of or superior to Cedar, so long as you are 
working in 24 bits.  On the other hand, they carelessly neglected to provide 
the means of saving some of the important recording options in their "save 
as" menu. You can work in 88.2/24, for instance, but it must be up-or-down 
dithered to be saved.

There are various plug-in in the $ 500-$2500 range that puport to do what 
the various features of Cedar do, and as well, including a dethump module.

Testing these is always an empirical he said/she said situation.  And, in 
the middle of testing, upgrades are introduced unevenly- one product lags 
another in getting changes (sometimes improvements) to market.  And who can 
afford to test these products to a protocol- by the time a decision is 
ready, the market has moved on an upgrade or so for the lot.

In addition, I'm seeing features from one family of programs showing up in 
others, apparently licensed.  One giveaway is if an occassional word in a 
dropdown menu of a U.S. product includes a German word that wan't translated 
in the haste to get the upgrade out.  I've seen this twice now.

So how does one decide?

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> From Darren Ingram: "...I must say this seems to go against everything 
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> read.  Mac OS X
> is more reliable than "pre OSX" flavours (it put me off in the early ..."
> OS-X appears less crash-prone because an application can no longer take 
> down
> the entire OS however this has nothing at all to do with basic system
> security.
> I'm afraid most of what one has available to read about computers is
> rewritten press releases and not actual reporting that was the result of
> investigation by decently paid, knowledgeable reporters. The computer
> "press" is a world of exotic press junkets, free hardware and free 
> software
> that has often been populated by folks who've made and lost millions 
> playing
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