I have a similar playback device that uses 8.5x11 sheets of magneically 
coated material.  It plays back with an arm that rotates with a head at the 
nd.  It was a message repeater.

No one ever brought in a job for it so I never tried getting it to work.

Good seing you again, however briefly.  You misse done hell of a carousel 

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>A person contacted me today with an approximately 5x8 inch magnetic sheet 
>with the IBM logo on it and two holes punched in that edge. It appears to 
>be magnetic material. We have no idea if it's audio (I haven't seen it 
>before) and I'm suspicious that it MIGHT be a word processing format. It 
>dates from the late 1960s and was apparently part of some U.S. Navy 
> A photo of it is posted at:
> There are ten of these sheets in the collection.
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