On 26 maj 2007, at 18.43, David Lennick wrote:
> Actually "milk crates", made of sturdy plastic and used by the milk  
> company to ship large (what used to be gallon) jugs of milk to the  
> grocer. Each one holds 4 of the large jugs. Until some time in the  
> 70s these crates were large enough to hold 12" albums with ease,  
> but the dairy industry conspired once it knew what record  
> collectors were doing with their cases (stealing them from behind  
> Macs Milk Stores) and foisted "metric" on us, so those crates  
> shrank by about a half inch. And no, they don't have photos of  
> missing record collectors on the sides.

Thank you (everyone) for the entertaining and illuminating response.   
When I was younger the milk bottles came in a crate but they had bits  
in between so making storage harder !

And in Finland we have these Tetra-Pak (R) cartons. Milk bottles were  
a very, very, very long distant memory for many.


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