On 26 maj 2007, at 23.24, Graham Newton wrote:

> At the time I was considering changing my 3 stand alone series 2  
> CEDAR boxes to the Cambridge environment a few years ago, I had the  
> full Cube-Tec system to test for about a month over the Christmas  
> holidays.  I was sufficiently impressed with it that had Cube-Tec  
> been willing to cut me a deal where I acquired their equivalent  
> processes to the ones I already had, I would have moved over to  
> their system.
> However, they refused point blank to make any arrangement, and  
> CEDAR being in the catbird seat, offered equivalent processes in  
> Cambridge which cemented the deal, and effectively locked out Cube- 
> Tec.  Frankly in retrospect, I'm glad I stayed with CEDAR.

(Sorry for delayed response). I guess it is difficult as on one hand  
it would be "good sales PR" for them to do that, they perhaps don't  
benefit as much financially doing it. I don't yet know their detailed  
prices so if they are cheaper overall to CEDAR maybe their margins  
are lower.  Some form of accommodation though would have been good. I  
guess the cost to offer it to CEDAR was lower though and thus easier.

>> They are anyway at presently.
> I tried to access them only to be told with any of them:-
> Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /audiosample/78-swedish-elp  
> transfer.wav on this server.
I think there was a permission problem I have fixed now.

Thanks, Darren

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