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> ...Affordable,
> however, is a horse of a different question! It is both simple and
> cheap to buy not-quite-state-of-the-art Wintel machines which include
> Windows and may include applications (if bought from original owners)
> for prices running from $499 (dual-core Pentium, 2GB memory, with  
> WinXP,
> 250GB HD) to the c.$150 range...I rarely see discounted Macs!

Well, without making this into "platform wars" apparently used Macs  
hold their resale value a lot better than their Windows bretheren (or  
did, maybe the old PPC machines now won't have such a future but then  
the Intel ones will take over).  Interesting times ahead.

Some of the Mac sites have made various comparisons of prices, even  
with Dell, and often the price differences are not as high as one  
imagines. Apple has some overpriced things though (screens etc) but  
for some the difference is worth more. Even the little Mac Minis give  
quite respectable results and a lot of software comes bundled.

Dependent on what one uses the machine for can also determine if it  
is worth buying a "POS" from Wal Mart or a better platform with  
better components, design etc.


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