On 27 maj 2007, at 04.26, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
> No, I DIDN'T!!

(You did, it was the last bit that was not double indented!) ... as  
you later saw :)

> Anyway, a "milk box" (generally better known as "milk crate"...) is a
Ah, crate I understood.

> which has reduced their "useful lifespan!" I pick up full milk boxes
> (of 78's...capacity c.125, or 62.5 lbs. of shellac) VERY carefully,
> in case the bottom has "died from overloading!"
Yes, shellac can be decepitively heavy !

> Thus endeth the story of "the milk box"...
> Steven C. Barr

THanks :) Very interesting it was too.


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