I'm not sure "Balkan Music" doesn't belong with country.  Dick Spottswood 
has demonstrated many times how the roots of country include a few which 
infused middle-european dance musics.

An experienced subject specialist, even if hired as a consultant, must have 
input to collecting mission statements.

Steve Smolian

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> Don Andes wrote:
>>P.S. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here so if someone knows of a
>>accepted method that libraries/archives are currently using please let
>>me know.
> In addition to Don's list of criteria I would add that if we're talking
> about a collecting research library or archive, a very important filtering
> device for what to collect/save is what most fits your mission statement,
> i.e. what areas your institution collects in and regards as most important
> to its mission. This kind of falls under Don's "personal taste" category,
> but it's more strongly-defined. So if your area of collection is American
> country music of the mid twentieth century, as opposed to Balkan music or
> American oral histories of the 1970s, you would err on the side of
> preserving those items in your collection that most fit that bill. This is
> why mission statements are so important: they make the archivist's job
> that much easier and let him or her off the hook in many cases.
> Matt Snyder
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